Body Count "Body MF Count"

BIG ANGRY PHIL has worked in commercial production for well over 20 years and an avid listener and supporter of the Tom Leykis Show and the Gary & Dino Show. Without these talented broadcasters and their loyal, hardcore fans, there would be no Angry Phil. Thank you...............Now, eat me!

Paul Hardcastle "Rainforest (Sax Remix)"


Dr. Dre ft. MelMan "Shittin On The World"

WARNING!  NSFW! NOT for children, hipsters, vegans, feminists, and other such bottom dwellers. 

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Music from episode 166:

Podcast 166: Pointless

The bullfuck virus and woke politics have all but killed organized sports. Will you continue to watch meaningless games in empty buildings, or admit this all sucks donkey butt?