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BIG ANGRY PHIL has worked in commercial production for well over 20 years and an avid listener and supporter of the Tom Leykis Show and the Gary & Dino Show. Without these talented broadcasters and their loyal, hardcore fans, there would be no Angry Phil. Thank you...............Now, eat me!

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Kicking a ball = not hero material.

WARNING!  NSFW! NOT for children, hipsters, vegans, feminists, and other such bottom dwellers. 

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Shut Up, Meg

I offer hopefully the very last words about the highly overrated U.S. women's soccer team and their annoying, androgynous team leader. People that can't be bothered to watch baseball games are getting beaned with foul balls and want more anti-stupid netting. People that deliberately spit into food containers at stores should be locked up, fake or not.