Look down...your gender is there.



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Intro - Big Shug

"The 3 Shugs" (3rd beat @ 3:45)

WARNING!  NSFW! NOT for children, hipsters, vegans, feminists, and other such bottom dwellers. 

BIG ANGRY PHIL has worked in commercial production for well over 20 years and an avid listener and supporter of the Tom Leykis Show and the Gary & Dino Show. Without these talented broadcasters and their loyal, hardcore fans, there would be no Angry Phil. Thank you...............Now, eat me!


Some pompous singer decides we need to call him by his new non-binary gender pronouns. The new Miss Monopoly board game is yet the latest attempt to push a very tiring agenda. I feel there is, and always has been, one truly safe space for transgenders, and it's on a certain television program.

Outro - MC Eiht

"Late Night Hype 2"